Monday, May 16, 2005

When Something Starts to Crack

You get around...
You see a lot of people...
Tell me what happened to Angela.
She lived in that house.
That kind of white house.
Down that curvy road.
It is the only house.
What is going on with Brenda?
I saw her at that house.
You know who I mean. Glasses...
She is from Guatemala.
She and her two cousins worked
at that place down by the river.
You know that place that has had a lot of owners.
It was a country western place for a long time.
Then they had a steakhouse there.
Now it is a Mexican bar.
When she worked there the boss told me
he prefers Guatemaltecas. Why?
He said they are better workers.
Except for that old lady over there.
She use to sing Mariachi down in Jalisco in Mexico.
I saw her sing once.
It was her 50th or 60th birthday party.
I don't know which it was.
The first song or two were good.
Then her voice started to crack.
So she stopped.
Smart lady.
When something starts to crack
you got to stop, you know?
There are some other people I want to ask you about.
Look, when you see them, just tell them you saw me
and I was getting by.
Tell them I am OK and was just curious about them.


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