Friday, November 04, 2005

Four Questions

1. Who were those ravens that sat in a circle?
I recall that fat October moon shining on them.
And those black birds were right over there.
It use to be a vacant lot.
They were behind a chain link fence.
There is a bank there now.

2. Why don't the animals stay in the sewers?
Two dead possums were right by the curb.
Probably hit by a car.
They had nice fur and smooth tails.
Two women thought that they were big rats.
Animal control later came and took the possums away.

3. Why does death linger so close?
Right there when the boy fell under the school bus.
A California rocks on the highway crash.
A Santa Muerte statue on the doorstep.
And some small sign of stigmata.
Not the palms, just the feet.

4. How long do you cook lentils?
Thirty minutes for a salad.
Fourty-five minutes for soup.
Some people like a bay leaf.
Always add the garlic.
Always add the salt.


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