Monday, May 16, 2005

This Night

This night I saw two Blond Boys
with two light-faced German shepherds.
But before that I drank a mescal
and danced with that mixed blood singer
whose boyfriend is afraid to dance.
But before that I had a beer with
the Sicilian insurance adjuster
from New Orleans, whose butcher father
lost his virginity in a whorehouse
and whose meatlocker held meat that
would never talk again. After I saw
the two Blond Boys, my car who was taking me home
and playing that full moon song about
how I am your he-wolf and you are my she-wolf, I
saw a blackfaced shortlegged maybe German shepherd,
but more wild,walking by my door.
My car and I went around the block one time
and she was crossing the street.
I think she was checking on me.
I miss her so and need her beside me this night.


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