Sunday, February 19, 2006

That Dark Place in Me

I don't like him.
He has lied to me.
Over and over.
He has lied to me.
I don't like him.

He stretches the truth.
He twists things around.
Inside out he distorts them.
He has destroyed even the words we use.
I don't like him.

He is hiding the truth.
He hides behind his lawyers.
He hides from the people.
He hides behind his ministers.
He has others talk for him.
I don't like him.

All he is and all he is not.
All he says and all he says not.
I don't like him.

But still he grins at me.
But still he sneers at me.
I don't like him.

Is he really that different than me.
Can I remember a day that I did not lie?
What am I hiding?
What am I not sharing?
Who am I hiding behind?
Who lies for me?
Am I like him.

When I say "I don't like him"
do I mean that he reminds me of me?
There is that dark place in me,
that I would rather see in him than in me.
I am like him.

All that I am and all that I am not.
All that I say and all that I say not.
I am like him.


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