Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Short List of Sacred Spaces That You can Walk to from this Very Spot

We have talked about this before.
We will talk about it again.
You are always asking me.
And I am always trying to answer you.

The question you always ask is will you
show me the Sacred Places.
I always tell you the same thing.
I am not going to show you.
You have to find them yourself.

But I will give you a short list of them.
These are all within a mile of here.
So,you can walk to them from this very spot.

If you are ready,I will tell you now.

The first one is where the dead dog lies.
This place changes a lot.
You need to find it quickly.
Soon after it is created.
There is a moment when the teeth are shining.
It is not to be missed.
It can be bright beyond belief.
If you are late it will just be a dead dog.

The second one is the leaking dumpster.
It is by the grocery store.
Go there shortly after it is filled
with rotting and bruised fruit.
And vegetables.
And chicken and meat.
Watch the the tiny river of waste water.
It will flow downhill into the parking lot.
The colors are always changing.
Linger as long as you can.
Step into it a few times.
Get the liquid on your shoes.

The third place is up the alley.
There is an old garage with some holes in the door.
Walk in.
It is cold and damp in there.
It smells of motor oil and grease.
There is sawdust on the floor.
Old tools are on the wall.
Sit down in the corner and close your eyes.
Meditate. Pray.
Lay down and dream of your own internal combustion.

There are lots more Sacred Places around here.
I told you this was a short list.

We have talked about this before.
We will talk about it again.
You are always asking me.
And I am always trying to answer you.


Blogger Patry Francis said...

Wow. Now that you've told me, I'm definitely going to ask again.

11:00 PM, December 12, 2006  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

Patry....like I said....this is a short list...I believe their is a woman who lives quite close to you that has the local list for your area. She wears 70s style aviator glasses and has died her hair redddish orange. I am sure that you know who I am talking about.

9:13 AM, December 13, 2006  
Blogger MB said...

Fred, this is edgy and I am liking it more each time I read it.

10:56 AM, December 13, 2006  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

Mary Beth...thanks for the kind comments! Especially from you...The Queen of Edge....those 2 poems last week were great!

11:17 AM, December 13, 2006  
Blogger MB said...

"Queen of Edge" is still making me chuckle, Fred. I've been called a lot of things, but it's the first time for that one. Glad you enjoyed the poems.

12:16 AM, December 23, 2006  
Anonymous Dick Jones said...

There's a wonderful sense of place, of specific locale, about this poem.

3:24 AM, January 21, 2007  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

Thank you Dick! I went to website, enjoyed myself and will be returning!!!

11:03 AM, January 22, 2007  

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