Monday, May 16, 2005

The Shoe Box

Your eyes were whispering to me...
'Don't you remember me...don't you remember me.
You only have this one chance to remember me'
Yes, I remember you but I choose not to
remember you this time. My soul is all twisted
up with another soul. She has stolen my heart
and keeps it in a shoe box under her bed.
She once sent me a photograph of the box
with the lid off and you could see my heart
in the box. For a long time I kept that photogragh
in an envelope in my pocket so I could show
people my heart or look at it myself when
the need would arise. And it always would arise.
But one day the envelope and the photograph
of my heart in the shoe box went through
the laundry and were ruined. By the way,
the shoebox was gray and my name was carefully
printed on the side.I have asked her for
another photograph but she hasn't sent me one yet.
So you see, it would not be good for me
to remember you with someone holding onto my heart.
I hope you are not too annoyed with me.
Maybe I can remember you some other time.


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