Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Glove Incident

Last Sunday I gave Katy a ride home after mass.
But I told her that I had to make one little stop before I took her home.
You see, before mass I had bought my Sunday newspapers at Midcity News
and when I got in my car I could not find my glove.
Back behind my eyeballs, I had a flash that the glove was on the sidewalk,
by the news store.
So we drove there after mass and it wasn't on the sidewalk.
So I went in the store and asked the clerk(she is a metermaid during the week)
if she had seen the glove.
She had not seen the glove.
After I dropped Katy off, I found the glove on the back seat.

Now today, I go to buy my papers and when I come out of the store,
there is my glove laying on the sidewalk
in the exact position I had seen it back behind my eyeballs, a week earlier.
Now I have got to find out what else is back behind my eyeballs.

There are always these visions you know.
Swirling futures.
Past times at Central High competing with fragments of all the possible futures.
But once in awhile, there is a something that shows up....
that whispers....
"Here can be some little thing that can happen"
Remember this thing.
Maybe act on it.
Can I act on it?
Or can I only see it?
What good is a vision?
Can you sell it?
Can you trade it for vegetables at the supermarket?
I don't know.
But there is something going on back behind my eyeballs.

I lost the glove again.
Maybe at the post office.
Maybe at the gas station.
Maybe in the street.

I found my glove at the gas station.
Now that my glove keeps coming back,
I have some little hope that I will find my heart again.


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