Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Little Surprise

Can you ever really be surprised?
I say yes and I say no.
Take for example those times when someone kills you.
You are in your apartment and feeling the need for human company.
You want to see real people.
People drinking.
People dancing.
People sweating and people stinking.
That place you want to go to
has some feel of danger to it.
That is why you have to go there.
You want to smell your own sweat.
That kind of sweat that comes from dancing.
That kind of sweat that comes from too many people in one place.
That kind of sweat that comes from fear.
But you know that he will be there too.
That one who has been looking for you.
He does not know who you are.
But he can tell that you are you,
because he knows that smell.
To him, he will walk into a room of two hundred
and fourtynine people and only one scent will exist for him.
You will be like a magnet to him.
You can feel him coming to you, too.
You are of course surprised that you did not see him before.
You knew it would end this way.
You could have stayed in your apartment.
I think the reason that you go to these places
and do the things that you do
is because you hope there will be some variety
and some little surprise in it for you this time.


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