Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Small Ball of Holy Wax

I was at mass one night.
A special mass.
A mass to bless the candles.
You bring your candles and the Priest blesses them.
This makes the candles better.
The light is stronger and brings peace to your house.
In the pew next to me was a family with a little girl.
Another little girl was in front of her in the next pew.

You walk up front to get your candle blessed
and then get it lit from the big candle
that the Bishop lit at Easter Vigil.

The girl next to me had a small ball of Holy wax
that had dripped from her candle.
The other girl had a stick of gum.
She wanted to trade for the small ball of Holy wax.
Come on, please trade with me.
You don't want that wax.
Gum is better.
It is so sweet.

The other one said,go away.
I am not going to trade my Holy wax to you.
I am going to keep it in my little treasure box in my room.
It is Holy and your gum is nothing.
It is bad.
It is a bad trade.
Now turn around and ask God's foregiveness.

They did all this without talking.
I never saw their lips move.
I never saw their lips move.
But it happened.
I was there.


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