Saturday, May 21, 2005

Guanajuato's Dreams

See- there was this shortlived Mexican restaurant.
It was owned by my future son-in-law.
It had the name Taqueria Las Comadres and
it had a mediocre location. After Ricardo,
the skinny cook left....this guy
Guanajuato gets hired. They call him
Guanajuato because he is from Guanajuato
state in Mexico but not from the city of
the same name in that state.That city has mummies
underground.If he was from that city they might
have called him Momia in honor of the
underground things. Guanajuato is a big
happy guy but his cooking is not so great.
Guanajuato liked his job because he got to
sleep in the restaurant for free... after the
placed closed. So,when you sleep in a restaurant
what floats thru your dreams?


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