Friday, November 14, 2008

Former Lives of Some People I Know

Sometimes when people have a moment to relax and reflect they begin to think about epistomology, physics and reincarnation. Often people that I know will just open up and tell me about their former lives. I would like to present to you some short versions of these former lives as they were related to me. I will not tell you the names of the people who told me about their former lives. Any names mentioned in these little biographies are also not real names as far as I know.

Each life has a title and will be followed by the biography as it was related to me. I have made no attempt to put these in any kind of historical order. I can not personally verify that any of these lives actually occurred. I am only the vehicle that will relate them to you. I think there is a book and related website that lists all former lives of everyone that has ever lived. If you wish you may compare the life stories related here to the ones in the book and on the website. There is also a calendar that lists the birth and death dates of all former lives. It can be accessed thru this link www. / /.re:etc. Personally, I find such research tedious and advise that you avoid it.



"I don't remember a lot. I can't recall my family at all. I remember that I was sitting on the ass of a donkey in Krakow, Poland. I think it was Krakow because there was a man standing by the donkey holding a folded newspaper and the word "Krakow" was clearly visible on the masthead. The other words did not make an impression on me. It was a hot day and there were a lot of us sitting on this donkey's ass. We were discussing the normal trivia of everday life as a fly. Somebody commented that raw sewage in the street was not like it use to be. People's diets were changing. Too much cabbage. Not enough beets and onions. Just then the donkey's tail began to swish back and forth. Somebody yelled "Let's get outta here!" It was too late for me. I got knocked off of the donkey's ass and fell into a pile of fresh steaming donkey shit. Don't get me wrong. I like donkey shit as much as the next fly but the stuff is sticky. When I fell, I landed in a low spot in the pile and my wings got soiled. The more that I moved around the more soiled my wings became. I was unable to fly or walk. I was sinking a little. This was a very soft pile. The last thing that I recall was Arnold flying very low circles around me. He had always rubbed me the wrong way. You know. Sarcastic and mouthy. Loved to belittle the other guys. So Arnold sticks his tongue out at me and started in reciting some obscene limerick. I was beginning to loose consciousness as the donkey shit was swallowing me. Then everything went brown."


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