Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dark Road on a Dark Night

The road heads north from Stone State Park between the Big Sioux River and the Loess Hills. For some reason some of the guys and I had decided to go swimming at the sand pits. The sand pits had one of those "No Trespassing " signs. It was after midnight. I guess we figured that we would not get caught. I really don't recall. So we were all in Jones' old Renault. There were four of us and a case of Old Milwaukee. We were all in a good mood. We were listening to Bleeker Street on the AM radio. 60s rock music at it's best. Hendrix, Country Joe and the Fish and The Velvet Underground.It was a dark night on a dark road. No moon. No lights. Just the headlights of the old Renault. Up ahead we could see a car parked on the side of the road. No lights. Jones slowed down a little as we passed. One of the guys said that he saw someone in the car. Jones turned the car around and drove past the parked car from the other direction. He stopped again and and turned north again. He stopped the car a little behind the car on the side of the road. It was an old car. Nothing special. This other guy and I got out of the Renault and walked towards the other car. The driver of that car was slumped over the wheel. Probably just a drunk passed out and sleeping it off. But maybe he needed help. I knocked on the driver's side window. No response. I knocked again. No response. I knocked again and yelled "Hey Buddy!" Slowly, very slowly, the driver raised his head but his head was turned toward the front window of his car. Then he jerked his head to the left and stared at us. He was smiling. It was not a happy smile. His eyes were glaring at us. His expression was one of " I have been waiting for you and now you will pay". I was scared shitless. So was my friend. I have never seen a face so evil in my life. We ran back to the car. We told Jones to get the hell out of there. The other guys saw him as we drove away. He did not follow us. He did not have to . He had crawled up inside of our brains. He is still there when I remember that night. Dark road on a dark night.


Blogger MB said...

Ay, and now he has crawled up inside my brain. Vivid.

10:45 AM, February 08, 2007  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

Thank you! And the other guys that were with me that night have all passed on....

11:01 AM, February 08, 2007  

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