Friday, May 11, 2007

Long Gone Gardens

People always talking.
Talking about their gardens.

I got no garden.
Use to have one.
No I had two.
Vegetables in the back yard.
Flowers and herbs in the front yard.

That was years ago.
I had a house.
Now I live in an apartment.
No space for a garden.
No time for a garden.

Long gone gardens.
I still visit in my dreams.
The rosemary remembers me.
Prairie coneflowers.
Walkways of old paving brick.

My kids still young.
Them asking why we are here.
Cosmic question prompted by a peapod.
Me saying that we are here to grow.
Always here gardens.

People always talking.
Talking about their gardens.


Blogger MB said...

Cosmic question prompted by a peapod.
That says so much. Alliterative, too.

12:12 PM, May 11, 2007  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

MB....thank you! My garden was always a great joy to me and in the quiet of the garden my very young children asked the profoundest of questions.

12:40 PM, May 11, 2007  
Blogger Beth said...

Do you still grow something , Fred? Herbs or flowers in windowboxes? Houseplants? I find this one of the most difficult aspects of living in a condo, and try to grow things anyway. I think I need to see them growing and changing - your poem is poignant for me.

8:06 AM, May 15, 2007  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

Beth...I am growing nothing now. This weekend I hope to get a small container garden going. Just some herbs and a few tomato plants. I do miss watching the "growing". Thanks for your commwnt!

8:59 AM, May 15, 2007  
Anonymous Dave said...

When the Amish moved into the valley below us, we no longer had any compelling reason to grow vegetables - being surrounded by woods, we had to go to war with the wildlife, erecting high fences to keep the deer out, trapping and shooting woodchucks. I like not having to do that anymore. But I still have a few herbs in my butterfly/hummingbird garden - and I miss the vegetable garden a bit.

7:30 PM, May 17, 2007  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

Dave...We live 3 blocks from a farmer's market that offers a nice variety of veggies etc. during the growing season. But I do miss the partipation in the growing of my own food!

8:39 AM, May 18, 2007  
Anonymous damien garber said...

even though i highly resented pulling weeds in the garden and failed to see the zen in such activities(tho i do now) the garden(both front and backyard) exists in a very warm and special place in my memory...everyonce in awhile i'll drive by that old house and silently curse the son of a bitch who tilled up those gardens...that yard at one time was middle earth, a world war ii battlefield and the scene of many star wars movies that were never made but much better than any of george lucas' efforts...

9:44 PM, May 30, 2007  
Blogger Fred Garber said...

You make me cry! That front garden was a special place.

8:48 AM, May 31, 2007  

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