Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oral History Project: Bertha Smith part 4

Zack : Did you ever wait on anybody famous?

Bertha: Hmm. Let me think.

Zack: Take your time.

Bertha: Hey can I have another cig?

Zack: Sure.

Bertha: Thanks. This county home won't let you smoke.

Zack: So, did you think of any famous people that you might have waited on?

Bertha: Well there are few.

Zack: Who?

Bertha: Well there was Lewis and Clark.

Zack: Tell me about them.

Bertha: It was a big party. They called ahead for reservations. Reserved three tables in the backroom. Judy and I handled it all.

Zack : What did they order?

Bertha: Lewis ordered liver and onions. And an ice tea lemon. He loved the matzo ball soup. Clark was the last to order. Could not make up his mind. He finally settled on the rueben sandwich. Water with a slice of lemon.

Zack: Did they have dessert?

Bertha: Yes. Everybody ordered the hot fudge sundae. We are famous for that, you know.

Zack: Were they good tippers?

Bertha: Because it was such a big group the manager put a 15% gratuity right on the bill. Paid with a credit card.

Zack:Do you have any momentos of that meal?

Bertha: Well somebody had a Polaroid camera and took this picture(she pulls out a grainy wrinkled foto) of me and the boys.

Zack: Which restaurant were you working at when you waited on them?

Bertha: Let me think. How about another smoke?

Zack: Ok.

Bertha: Thanks!

Zack: No problem.

Bertha: I think it was the Ye Olde Tavern Inn. No, it was Harry's Cafe on 4th street. Back when 4th street was the place to be. Wait it was the Green Gables. They still have those hot fudge sundaes.

Zack: Thanks again Bertha! Can we talk again next week.

Bertha: Sure. But be sure to bring some smokes!


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