Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not much Farther

Not much farther.
Don't worry about it.
Just up the trail.
Thru those oak trees.

See that mound over there?
On the other side is a buried truck.
Old Ford from the twenties.
There is an old safe without a door.
Jack-in-the-pulpits right by it.
Someones crime spree ended right there.

Not much farther.
Don't worry about it.
I gotta rest a minute.
Take a drink of water.

It is windy up here on this ridge.
Just up this trail.
This trail is deep.
Old trail.

Look out for the muddy part.
Rain last night.
Sign of deer.
Sign of coyote too.

See those cottonwoods?
The trail branches off.
Gonna take the right fork.
The left fork leads to Mt. Lucia.
Not a mountain.
Just a big hill.

Gotta rest again.
It is hot up here.

Not much farther.
Don't worry about it.
I told you why we were coming here.
Maybe five minutes more.

These hills are old.
Full of clay.
The valleys are full of oak and walnut.
The tops have cottonwood.
Prairie grass and yucca.

Almost there.
I know your legs hurt.
This place looks different.
It has been many years.
Don't worry about it.
I know where it is.


It is right here.
Gotta rest first.
What a view.
Sun will be setting soon.
Ok I am ready now.

It is right down there.
On the south side of the ridge.
Watch your step.
Very steep.

This spot use to be clear.
Full of saplings now.
Found the badger skull right over there.
By the shale outcropping.

Do you feel it?
It is coming back to me now.
This place is sacred.

It is getting dark.
Can we talk about this later?
I am so tired.
My bones ache.
Can't think.
Need to rest.

Just gonna crawl over there.
On that pile of oak leaves.
We can talk about it later.
Let me close my eyes.
Stop talking.
Can't understand you anyway.

Sinking now.
Wind is way up there.
Sun is gone.
Moon too.
Not much farther.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Guess Who I Saw?

Hey yesterday I was going for some espresso.
Just like always.
Going for some espresso.
Drove by the old place.
You know at 17th and Jackson.

Guess who I saw?
It was Ronnie Bones.
That Ronnie Bones.
Couch surfer.

Always getting thrown out.
Out of his mom's place.
Out of his sister's place.
Out of the halfway house.
Out of the shelter.

Always drinking.
Always fighting.
Always stealing.

I saw him yesterday.
On that corner.
Corner of 17th and Jackson.

Right there on the curb.
Feet on the street.
But laying on his back.
Mouth wide open.

He had two plastic shopping bags.
He had a suit case.
A little brown one.
Like some little kid might have.
All his stuff.

Probably got kicked out again.
Sleeping it off.
Waiting for a ride.

Right there on the curb.
Feet on the street.
But laying on his back.
Mouth wide open.

Drove by him.
Corner of 17th and Jackson
I heard a siren.
Saw an ambulance in my rearview.
I felt cold.
I crossed myself.
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Thought About It

I did not do it.
I thought about it.

I did not slit the tires.
I did not start the fires.

I did not cut your throat.
I did not steal your coat.

I did not spit in your beer.
I did not call you a queer.

I did not hear you.
I did not help you.

I did not do it.
I thought about it.