Thursday, April 03, 2008

How to Make a Nice Pasta Real Fast So You Will Have Time to Eat Before the Friday Night Boxing Matches Start on the Little Television

Sometimes you have got to cook something up in a hurry.
You don't have time to make a big deal dinner.
But you want something that tastes good.
So here is my solution.

Put some water in a pot on the stove.
Add some salt.
Cover the pot with a lid.
Ok, now go get a frying pan.

Put it on the stove.
Put some olive oil in it.
Smash up a clove of garlic and throw it in
Chop up a couple of roma tomatoes.

Put them in the pan.
Add salt and fresh ground black pepper.
Add some chile flakes.
Stir this up and don't burn it..

Put some angel hair pasta in the now boiling water.
Cook it till it is al dente.
You know...not mushy.
Still a little hard in the center.

This is not no big deal.
But mushy pasta will ruin you life.
You will never win the lotto.
And people will point at you as you walk down the sidewalk.

While all of this was going on you do one more thing.
Go to the cupboard.
Take out a can of tuna.
Open it, drain it and put the tuna in the frying pan.

Now drain the pasta.
Do not rinse it!
Hey it is clean.
It has been in boiling water.

Now put the pasta in the frying pan.
Stir up the pasta, tuna and vegetables.
Put it in a bowl.
Add a little more cracked pepper and olive oil.

Take it into the living room.
Pick up the TV remote control.
Press the on button.
And get ready for the undercard.

Oh you shoulda brought a beverage with you.
The rounds are only three minutes long.
Plenty of time to get refills in between rounds.
Maybe a bowl of ice cream for the main event.