Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birria in Mexicali

I don't know the address.
I can tell you how to get there.

Carlos and Michelle will call you at 9 in the morning.
They will pick you up in the red car.

The red car is playing music.
Jazz music.

The red car takes a left out of the side street.
Then five minutes later a right.

The zoo is on the left.
Then up the hill.

You will be in the old part of town.
Dust returning to dust there.

Up another hill.
They have a friend who may still work near here.

Another left and farther up.
Finally the last left.

Old block building.
Goat stew temple in the dust.

Opens at 6 am.
Closes at 1 pm.

Long tables with benches.
Birria and tortillas.

Order the medium bowl of goat stew.
Side of tortillas and coffee.

Comes to your table in 2 minutes.
Steaming hot.

Bowl of colima limes.
Bowl of cilantro and onions

Plate of tortillas covered in cloth.
Butter for them.

Nice salsa.
You will eat it all.

You will notice the mural on the wall.
The perspective is flawed.

The man in the brown hat looks familiar.
The girl in the plaza is walking away.

Everyone is walking away.
You will no longer look at the mural.

Carlos and Michelle will take you home.
In the red car with the jazz music.

Down the hill.
Past the zoo.

They will take a different route home.
You will get home.

Now you will recall the birria.
And you will not forget the man in the brown hat.