Sunday, February 19, 2006

That Dark Place in Me

I don't like him.
He has lied to me.
Over and over.
He has lied to me.
I don't like him.

He stretches the truth.
He twists things around.
Inside out he distorts them.
He has destroyed even the words we use.
I don't like him.

He is hiding the truth.
He hides behind his lawyers.
He hides from the people.
He hides behind his ministers.
He has others talk for him.
I don't like him.

All he is and all he is not.
All he says and all he says not.
I don't like him.

But still he grins at me.
But still he sneers at me.
I don't like him.

Is he really that different than me.
Can I remember a day that I did not lie?
What am I hiding?
What am I not sharing?
Who am I hiding behind?
Who lies for me?
Am I like him.

When I say "I don't like him"
do I mean that he reminds me of me?
There is that dark place in me,
that I would rather see in him than in me.
I am like him.

All that I am and all that I am not.
All that I say and all that I say not.
I am like him.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

How to Drink Espresso

To drink espresso you have to have espresso.
First you go to a place that serves it.
You walk in and if they have a counter
you ask for a double espresso.
You can do this thing.

Espresso is finely ground dark roasted coffee that very hot water is forced thru into a little porcelain cup.
There are little brown bubbles on top called crema.

If the kid there asks you if you know what an espresso is say yes.
Some of these places want you to buy something else.
They want to sell you something with milk in it.
This milk could be from a cow or maybe from a bean but do not fall for this.
Espresso does not want the milk in it.
Forget it.
Promise me this.
Be firm.
If the kid says expresso politely tell him that there is no "x" in espresso.
Now if they serve your espresso in a plastic or paper cup,
give it back and tell them that you want it in a little porcelain cup like it wants to be.
Otherwise it will not taste right.

If there is no crema give it back and ask them where the crema is.

No go sit down and drink.
Sip it.
Take some time.
Savor the moment.
Think about the possibilites.
Listen to the other guys.
Put your two cents in.
Get out of there.
Go back on the street.
Get something done.